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One tree at a time

We know that one of the reasons people travel is to experience nature at its best. Whether it be the breathtaking mountains, beautiful beaches or lush forest greens, the travel industry relies heavily on the natural environment. We also know that the travel industry (mostly due to excessive air travel)  has a large impact on the environment. 
One tree provide a model for businesses in the ski industry to change the way they operate, through the cultivation and sharing of ideas. They provide solutions that help businesses reduce their impact, from simply changing packaging to full audits of their operations with an environmental focus in mind. Whilst supporting this change they are also committed to helping offset carbon emissions by planting a million trees.

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The One Tree pledge system is designed for ski industry businesses that want to scrutinise their environmental impact and identify the next steps towards becoming an environmental champion.

Foggy Forest


To reduce my impact, I’m committed to using public transport to and from work. Courchevel and Meribel have good bus services and the more we use these buses the better the system becomes. After all, a car carrying one person emits 40kg of CO2 per 100 passenger miles, while a full bus emits only 6kg per person over the same distance.

Aerial View of Forest


 I’ll be offsetting everyday I spend on the hill. Daily ski lift use contributes to my personal emissions, so I’m committing 10 euros each day to planting trees.

Image by Perry Grone


Educating my clients on why I made these changes will hopefully encourage more people to make more adjustments in their own lives, and think about the choices they make as consumers. We all want to continue enjoying the mountains and our sport for as long as possible; if more people make these modifications then we can have greater impact and keep doing what we love.

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